The voyage in English

From the 35 days I spent 12 days on the Alaska State Ferries as deck passenger, 5 days with friends in Sitka, 7 days with friends on Porcher Island, 3 days in Bellingham, 3 days in a hotel and 5 days of wild camping, may it snow or rain, in a park or under a picnic table …. and actually those days on the ferry are also a kind of camping, just on deck on a beach chair or lying on a mat in the bivouac bag.



News and Traffic. Sports and Weather. These are the acid terms for life. It is all background noise. I closed my eyes. Spaciousness. There was a trembling in the air as the unnamed colours and landforms took on definition. A pound in summer, a leaf in the wind. Human consciousness is located in nature. It’s the answer to everything. A great rain came from the mountains.

“How confused, how intense everything swirls before my eyes!” Is that man? Is that man now that I thought I had found the peace? Is that man or is there just one? I know that man is like that, but still, I did not expect it. But if I can never trust someone again, then I do not need to know anyone except the dead, who do not hurt anyone anymore. How confused, how strongly everything swirls before my eyes. I sailed through unknown landscapes. Even the sun was different here and that is what the reader is trying to imagine and they are always wrong. I must answer without words because there are no words for it. I do not know what that is. I travel alone. No expectations, no need for consultation, no concessions or compromises. On the edge of an endless deep fjord I look out over the blistering void that does not attract anything from me. Man has no message to nature. Nature here has a message to man. There I was. There I sat under the big trees of a rainforest. The experience was raw and fascinating in his own way. Questions back home; how was Carl and Mary-Ann and how was Beau and Fran? Before I left I said I’m going to Alaska, I’m going to Beau and Fran …. both Carl and Mary-Ann and Beau and Fran appear in my book. And when I talk about this trip, it’s often about these people, because people ask me about people. Man has to talk. I do not know a book that is not about people, it’s always about people. Back in the plane I was sitting next to a man who wanted to know more and concluded that the people you meet are the most important of travelling. I did not contradict him and admitted because without Beau and Fran it would be a different story. But the real reason this time to travel to Alaska SE was to let the world pass me by and no description is the right one. There is no writer, not even the best, who have enough words for the deepest emotions and often, if there are, then the human aspect is the most important … emotion, feeling, opinions and judgments …

I spent my time in nothingness, not because I am in the middle of a spiritual awakening, but because there is nothing else to do. Outside the normal influences of tourism your mind wanders to a state of pure peace and quiet …

The true life is not reduced to words or written, not by anyone, ever. The true life takes place when we are alone, thinking, feeling, lost in memory, dreamingly self-aware, the submicroscopic moments.